Burger made of pattie (every meat-lovers dream)

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My hubby LOVES meat!

So I created a burger made of pattie GENIUS!sweet potato spuds

Abundant LIfe Wholefoods have the most delish beef burger patties and ostrich patties for your convenience!

(I feed 2 people so just adjust the number of patties accordingly)

Firstly prep your sweet potato wedges and bake in oven YUMMY!

Cook your patties in a little coconut or avo oil until done

Now comes the fun and creative part!

Use one pattie as the base. And layer whatever your heart desires (as long as its whole and healthy)

I like the following:

Slices of fresh tomato

Fresh rocket

Crumbled feta

Gracelands cottage cheese with some fresh herbs or chopped chilli




Organic YoMayo

Crisp lettuce leaves

Avo mashed with lemon juice, salt and peppper

Slices of beautiful camembert cheese


Place your other pattie on top and there you have it!

Serve with wedges and salad if you want to boost the nutrient content


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