Chicken Schnitzel with creamy mushroom/peppercorn sauce

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Every once in a while I get this tatse for a good homemade chicken schnitzel.

We do have schnitzels already flattened and coated at Abundant Life Wholefoods if you need a quicker meal

chicken breast flattened with a meat mallet

1/2 coconut flour

4 Tbls fresh or dried herbs

1-2 eggs

Herb salt seasoning

Place your coconut flour, herbs and seasoning in a bowl and mix

Whisk your eggs in another bowl

Heat some cooconut oil in a pan

Coat your chicken in the coconut mixture then the egg mixture then coconut mixture again and into the pan.

Cook your chicken until its golden and cooked through.


For the creamy sauce:

Fry mushrooms and garlic in a pan

Add 1 cup full cream milk

In a cup make a paste with 2 tsp oat bran and 1 tsp veg stock powder

Add this to he milk and stir until thickened.

You can leave out the mushroom and make a peppercorn sauce or even chopped some bacon YUM!


Serve with a fresh salad or veg

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