Health, wellness and fitness. My passion, my purpose and my priority.

kayzAbundance is not a word that it used in the vocabulary of majority of the people we meet every day. The meaning of abundance is “great plentifulness or ample sufficiency, bountiful”. I am not satisfied that we should simply settle for a less than average life. In John10v10 of the Bible, Jesus says,” I have come so that they may have life and have it in abundance “another translation reads, “that they may have life, and have it to the full”.
My vision and passion is to see people living the abundant life Christ said we can live. With so many diseases prevalent in our world and the statistics of obesity escalating, I would like nothing more than to try and make a difference. There are countless processes to the food we consume today, and many of which leach out the natural goodness found naturally in the food we used to eat many years ago. In a culture and society where life is extremely fast-paced, gone are the days of folk cooking and preparing their own meals. McDonalds and the like are quick, convenient and cheap.
My idea is to make healthy, whole and, as close to the way nature intended, foods readily available to people.
My vision is to create a shopping platform where one can have peace of mind that whatever they purchase is a quality product that is as organic and unprocessed as I can source it.

My name is Kayleigh Sole, and Abundant Life is my expression of my dreams. I have always been an avid “health nut”. I have spent many years researching and testing health and diets and what foods are best for optimal wellness. From fat-free to detox, I’ve tested them all. Low GI was possibly the most sustainable for me because I could still experiment with baking and cooking. However, in the past 12 months, my mind-sets have been broken and life has taken on a “whole” new definition of what health really is.

Exercise is a tool most people, especially women, use to keep weight controlled and keep a clear conscience. If you had asked me 12 months ago if I could do a pull-up, muscle-up or even try do a 40kg thruster, I would’ve laughed and said,
“No I’d rather go for a 10km run.”

CrossFit has bought about a new lifestyle for me. It’s more than just another exercise regime. It’s all encompassing and challenges me on so many levels. Weight-lifting mixed with constant variety of metabolic conditioning exercises, has given me a strength I did not have. I feel equipped to tackle whatever life puts in my path. Strong is the new skinny!

CrossFit sparked a passion and desire to challenge the status-quo. There are many cemented views on what health is, what wellness is and what defines fitness. After reading Tim Noakes’ book on banting, and testing his diet theories, I decided to give it a good try. The recipes are bursting with flavour, and are certainly different. I had to wrestle with buying full-cream everything, and cooking with coconut oil and almond flour. What?!

Time Noakes deserves credit for going against popular society beliefs. Banting (no carbohydrate, MODERATE protein and higher in fat) works for some individuals. It didn’t really suit my body’s needs. So, in keeping with certain parts of banting, we adopted paleo as a way of eating. Paleo differs from banting in that the emphasis is on whole, unprocessed, hormone-free, pasture-raised and free-range foods. Carbohydrates come from sweet potato and butternut and strict paleo doesn’t promote dairy in the diet.

what-is-abundant-lifeNow I had a new challenge

Where do I find meat, eggs, dairy, fruit, veg and spices that are whole, unprocessed and as organic as possible?
This started my quest to finding the most incredible gems. People who believe in no growth stimulants, no hormones and sprays and making these foods available to us. Foods that are as close as possible to the way nature intended. I started ordering and driving absurd distances to get all my groceries. Popping to the shops for bread and milk was no longer a luxury I had. I then realized that there must be more people who want to buy the best quality foods that are available.
And so Abundant Life Whole Foods began.


Please note:

  • Where possible all my suppliers are small, local businesses that share the same passion as Abundant Life
  • All the produce is free-range and as organic as one can source in this country