To be or not to be….

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Dear Abundant Lifers

It has become increasingly obvious that many many many people just do not have the time to do a healthy grocery shop.

With the advances of technology and Internet becoming the means to purchase anything from shoes to cauli wraps, we have decided to do a survey and ask YOU if you would support us as we launched an online store?

The idea is to extend organic, whole, healthy products to as many people as we can. We believe it should be easily available to everyone.

How the online shopping experience would work is you will register as a customer on the website shopping profile.

There will be all the products we stock with photos and a description.

You will choose your products and then you will be sent an invoice for your order.

As soon as payments has been made via EFT your order will be packed and either delivered or you are able to collect.

This way of shopping you are certain to get what you ordered instead of getting to the shop only to find that the last tray of eggs just sold out or the milk will be in fresh tomorrow.

Your products will be fresher and more readily available.

So, what are your thoughts?

We would like to know:

* Would you support us as we launch online shopping?

*Whats days would you like your groceries?

* What products would you purchase weekly or monthly?


Please post comments and suggestions on our Speak to Us tab on the website or to