Roaring Roast Chicken

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To prep my chicken:

– a large bunch of fresh herbs (parsley, thyme, oreganum)

– 2 apples/pears chopped into small cubes

– 1 onion chopped

-more thyme

– more parsley chopped

– 50g dried cranberries

– 1 c 100% apple juice (I juice my own, but if time is precious a good quality juice will do)

– 50g pumpkin or sunflower seeds


Heat some coconut or avo oil in a pan

Add your onions and cook until caramelised

Add your apple/pear and cook until lightly browned

Remove from the heat and add the herbs, cranberries and seeds.

Stuff this mixture into the cavity of the chicken


Lift the skin of the chicken and stuff whole fresh herbs under both sides of the skin


Rub the chicken with some oil and sprinkle with pink salt.

Place in the roasting dish along with a couple of sweet potatoes and some butternut.


Place in the oven and cook for 30 mins

remove from the oven and pour over the apple juice.

Put it back in the oven and let it cook for about an hour (depending on the size of your chicken)


Once perfectly roasted, remove from the oven.

The stuffing doubles as a delightful gravy!


Serve with seasonal veg/ salad