My passion and drive in life is to see people flourish and run their race of life at their maximum capacity. My heart roars with joy when I have the privilege of being a witness in people’s lives that find the depth of wholeness. This passion for wholeness grew as I began to discover the fullness of the meaning more and more. Like a birthday gift with a ten layer wrapping. With each layer undone the excitement grows more and more.
To see people prosper and live whole lives began taking on a fuller meaning when I found the word “Sozo”. It is the Greek word for the salvation of our bodies, our emotions and our spirits. Like the yellow, blue and brown wires of a plug, if one is not connected and working properly the light won’t shine. Our lives are very much the same. We need to be whole people on all three levels in order to experience wholeness and be the Salt and the Light Christ created us to be.

This is what sparked my passion for Paleo and healthy, whole food. However, no journey embarked on is smooth sailing. The one wave that kept dunking me in the ocean of healthy, whole eating was my genetically programmed pudding tummy. Let’s be honest, life would be far too bland and uninteresting without a yummy sticky date pudding at a Christmas dinner, or a chocolate brownie at a tea party, or a delicious frosted cupcake that’s so moist it makes your mouth water just looking at it.
So, with my passion for whole, healthy foods and whole, healthy people, I began experimenting and trying out recipes which inspired my motto for my Treats; ‘Making your heart happy the healthy way’. There’s nothing better than a sticky date pudding that’s gluten free, sugar free AND guilt free with all of the taste and sweet goodness.

Here are just some of the treats to look forward to at the Abundant Life Wholefoods shop:

  • Carob Brownies
  • Cacoa Brownies
  • Pecan Brownies
  • Granola Bars
  • Vanilla power bars
  • Lemon Bars
  • Seed Crackers
  • Apple oat muffins
  • Jaffa Cups
  • Coconut ice square
  • Chocolate Mouse in a jar
  • Lemon and poppy seed Cupcakes
  • Carrot and Pecan Cupcakes
  • Vanilla cupcakes and chocolate frosting
  • Rhubarb and apple crumble Tarts
  • Sticky date pudding Tarts
  • Chocolate Lava Pudding
  • Lemon and Hazelnut Tarts
  • Fruit and nut chocolate (Rocky Road)
  • Ginger Nut Cookies
  • Gummy bears