Oh my Pepper Steak Pie

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Yip you read it correctly!

Pepper steak pie!

500g ostrich cubes/venison cubes/beef cubes

1 onion chopped

10ml pepper

a small handful of herbs (thyme)

1 Tbl veg stock powder in 375ml water

2 carrots chopped into small chunks


Heat some avo oil in a pan and brown the meat and set aside

Add a little more oil and saute onions, add the meat with the pepper, thyme, carrot and stock

Stir through.

Cover and cook for 35mins until the meat is tender and the sauce has thickened

Stir every now and then to stop it from sticking to the pot

Grease a casserole dish with coconut oil and add the meat

Top the meat with thin slices of butternut or sweet potato (or puff pastry if you not into paleo)

Bake in oven until the potato is browned and slightly crispy!