Hearty Beef Stew

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We have the most beautiful stewing steak in Abundant Life Wholefoods!


This is really not the greatest way of doing  a stew, but I tried it once in mad rush and it was absolutely melt- in -your- mouth tender and full of flavour.


Pre heat slow cooker

Peel baby onions

Grate 4 cloves garlic

8 chopped tomatoes

2 cups water with 4 tsp veg stock powder

a large bunch of fresh herbs (rosemary,parlsley, thyme)

1kg stewing steak


I dumped (yes literally dumped the ingredients into the slow cooker,

browned the meat oh so quickly and threw it in with everything, gave it a good stir, popped the lid on and went to my next appointment.

Came back home about 3 hours later and it smelt incredible and tasted even better!