Chicken Saltimbocca

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4 chicken breast fillets butterflied

4 thick slices of cheese (Abundant Life Wholefoods has a lovely range of cheeses)

dried sage (also available at the shop)

8 rashers bacon

30ml avo oil


For the sauce:

30ml sherry (I use organic red wine with a tsp of xylitol)

15ml Dijon mustard

125ml cream


Steamed veg to serve


Flatten chicken breasts with rolling pin

Season and place a slice of cheese and dried sage on one half of each breast

Fold over to enclose the cheese.

Wrap 2 rashers of bacon around each fillet

Secure with a tooth pick

Heat oven to 200 degrees

Heat oil in a pan and brown the chicken all over

Place the chicken in a baking tray and roast for 20mins untilcooked

Pour the sherry or wine into the same pan. add the mustard and cream and reduce for a minute

Set aside until needed