Chicken a la King

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After a great week I would like nothing better than a good chicken a la king. Creamy, a dash of white wine and fresh herbs!

What a combination!


1 onion sliced

2 cloves garlic

1 red pepper sliced

1 punnet mushrooms sliced

500g chicken breast fillet cut into strips

1 cup cream/full cream yoghurt/homemade coconut milk (I made some coconut flour so I keep the milk to use in recipes)

2 tsp oat bran (to thicken)

1 tsp chicken stock powder


Fry onion and garlic and red pepper

Add the mushrooms and stir until cooked

Add the chicken and brown evenly


Add the coconut milk or regular milk/cream if you like it super creamy. My organic milk is creamy enough for us


Make a paste with oat bran and stock powder and add to to pan


Stir until thickened


Serve with cauli rice and roasted veg