Basil Pesto Chicken “Pasta”

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Depending on if you carb free or not use either baby marrow noodles or wholewheat pasta


4 chicken breasts or 1 pork fillet cut into strips

1 Tbls mixed fresh herbs

1 punnet baby marrows grated

1 C baby peas

3 Tsp basil pesto

2 Tbls mint finely chopped

1 C cream/ plain yoghurt

1 tsp salt


Cook pasta or use veggie peeler and make marrow ribbons. Saute in a pan until tender

Heat coconut oil in a pan and cook chicken or pork. Add mixed herbs and salt

Add grated marrow and peas. Stir until cooked

Add the basil pesto and stir well

Add the cream or yoghurt

Stir well

Add the mint.

Serve with salad